Crushed heating ducting – 8″

Hi there, I did some work under the house on the weekend and crushed two sections of 8″ flexible ducted heating pipe, likely both need to be replaced as I couldn’t un-crush them. The crushed sections are near the central splitter from the 12″ pipe, and about 18″ crushed, so maybe 2-3′ of both pipes need fixing. The section under the floor where they are is only high enough for wiggling, not crawling. Can you let me know if you can help out (and approx how much)? Thanks, Alex

Replace Ducted Heating

Am currently getting the house restumped .. and would like to replace the ducting under the house . Hoping to get a quote .. Thanks

Quote for duct inspection/repair

Hi, The upstairs master bedroom and ensuite bathroom in our rented house are supplied by the same duct and are receiving almost no airflow. Other central heating vents in the house have excellent airflow. My landlord would like e to get a quote to inspect the duct to identfy the problem and also to fix the problem if required.

Duct Cleaning

Hi, I would like a quote on having 6 ducts cleaned, My ducts and unit are in the ceiling.I live in a unit, but it is only a single storey. As I’m over 55 would I be able to get the senior’s discount. Thank you Sue.

get a quote

hi, i would like to get a qoute for chinese takeaway exhaust cleaning.

Installation of Additional Heating Ducts

Hi, We have a ducted heating system in our house and wanted to look at installing 2 additional ducts in our bathroooms which aren’t currently serviced (ducts in tile floor). Does your company undertake this type of work? If so how is the best way to go about working out a quote/fee? Thanks Michael

Quote please

Hello, I would like a quote please to clean the ducts (12 points in the ceiling) and service the heating unit in the roof. Single storey 3 bedroom plus study. Price all inclusive please to include servicing of the unit and cleaning of the ducts. Prefer email please… cheers

Duct repair and clean

Hi Mark. I’m looking to get my underfloor ducted heating repaired and possibly cleaned. Also, there is alarge tear in one of the ducts. Can I get a quote? Thanks Kai

service and cleaning vents

could you please provide a quote for general service to our gas ducted heating main unit and cleaning of 5 air vents(floor), please describe the inclusion in the service.


Hello. Are you able to send a quote for duct cleaning of heating and cooling of a residential house. There are 6 ceiling vents, 2 wall vents and one air conditioning split system unit. Thanks in advance Michelle

Clean ducts

I would like a quote to clean my ducted heating system and vents. I have 9 vents.

Duct clean quote

I have an electric ducted heating/cooling system in the floor with 8 ducts can you pls provide a quote

Duct cleaning

We have an internal through the roof ducted heater with 7 outlets

Ducted heater repair

Hi Mark, just today, our ducted heater stop working and we can see pilot is on ,but look like the fan is not working. Could you please give me a quotation for repair it as soon as possible. Thanks Shash