How can I Clean My Air Ducts Myself?

On a daily basis, a significant amount of allergens and toxins flow inside your house. These dust particles enter your ducts, reducing their functionality and efficiency. One needs the most dependable duct cleaning company. If your vents and ducts are dirty, this blog can help you with ‘how can I clean my air ducts myself’. Do read the article till the end to know a complete guide to cleaning ducts easily.

Clean My Air Ducts Myself

Needed Items To Clean Your Air Ducts

The following are the airflow duct cleaning instruments you will need to do the job:

  • Filter for the furnace- Just at the end of the project, you will undoubtedly require a new furnace filter. Make sure you select the appropriate filter for your thermostat. 
  • Gloves- When cleaning, wear heavy-duty gloves and a face shield or goggles. 
  • Vacuum- To clean the dust and debris from your air registers, you will need a vacuum. A typical household vacuum is unlikely to be strong enough. Ensure that the cleaner you hire does have a long hose that can reach the ducts. 
  • Brush- A brush will do the task, but if you do not even have one, a rigid paintbrush would suffice. 
  • Driller- You can extract screws from the nozzles using a power drill. Although you can use a screwdriver. Check to see whether the screwdriver will fit the screws just on different kinds of thermostats in your home. 
  • Cloth for cleaning- The ideal cloth to use is a microfibre cloth.
  • Towels- Make absolutely sure you have enough paper towels on hand and make the most out of your time, it will come in handy.

How can I clean my air ducts myself step-by-step?

  1. Removal of all nuts and bolts– Remove the bolts from the AC air grill plate and air vent coverings. 
  2. Pre-preparation for cleaning vents- Paper towels should be used to seal your supplying vents. To prevent dust & grime from flowing in and out as you wash additional regions, open the supplying ducts and sandwich a hand towel in between the duct covering as well as the ceiling or floor. Because you will be back to replace the towels and clean every air vent. The airflow should stay in place without requiring all of the bolts to be replaced. 
  3. Set AC in fan mode- Make sure your thermostat is set to “fan on.” The dirt which you dislodge when cleaning will be moved by the fan.
  4. Ensure the cooling and heating system is off- Make certain that both the heating and cooling modes are set off. Run the heat if you do have an old controller that does not have a “fan-only” option. 
  5. Brushing of vents- The dirt inside ducts should be loosened. Remove any dust that has accumulated in the ducting. Dust particles stuck to the interior of the ducts can be released with a little tapping. Simply grab the bristles of the brush and start pressing on any ducting in the cellar that is visible. 
  6. Cleaning of the supply register- Supplying registers should be clean. You may now start brushing the dust from your inventory record. Lift the register with the suction going as well as the base of a duct near the register.
  7. Deep cleaning of duct- Simply uses the nozzle to collect any debris that the fan is blowing out. Then clean as far the nozzle can go into the monitor’s pipework. Scuff any constructed dirt in the registers with your brush. Reach all the way into the vent as far as possible with a moist microfiber cloth then cleans the inside clean. Since you will probably discover a lot of dust and dirt up with it the first time you use it. You will like to clean the cloth several times. You can take and discard the towels you have placed in the provision registrations as you travel through the home cleaning out the supplier registers. 
  8. Finishing- Restore the supplier register to its original state. Clean the return air vents. Clean and wipe into the registration chamber. 
  9. Turn off the fan mode- Turn off the heater and the fan. Turn off the fans at the thermostats and the furnace’s electricity at the utility valve or electrical problems. Do not simply turn off the thermostat. This does not cut off the electricity to the device.
  10. Cleaning of the blower chamber- Replace the air pump and clean up the blower chamber. You may reach the compressor chamber and the air supply boot by removing the covers on the front of the thermostat with the power turned off. Clean the dust that has accumulated in the blower chamber and replace the air boot. That is where you will find the majority of your dust.
  11. Reinstall the furnace filter if necessary- If your HVAC filters are blocked with dirt and impurities. They are supposed to trap, you will not enjoy the full advantage of clean ducts. Investing in a better filter helps reduce dust in your house. However, the finer the filtration, the more frequently you need to replace it. A clogged filter restricts airflow to the fan. Causing the blower motor to overheat and shorten its lifespan. Clean or replace furnace filters at least once per month to decrease dust in your house, according to wise owners.


You now might have a great vision of ‘how can I clean my air ducts myself?’ But still, if you do not find time to do so. Or are not good enough to handle it. You can simply contact professional duct cleaners in Melbourne for the best duct cleaning service.