Why Kitchen Filter Needs Professional Cleaning?

Kitchen Filter Cleaning

The kitchen is the hub of delicious dishes, including daring, novel recipes and comfort meals, but did you know that maintaining a clean workspace is a crucial component of creating delectable dishes and cultivating flavorful taste? When was the last time you availed of kitchen filter cleaning in Melbourne? You already know how to remove oil, clean surfaces, and wash floors.

Did you realise that the range hood filter also contains an offensive amount of grease and grime? Everyone is aware that you should clean the stove and oven to remove any tenacious stains and grease from your most recent kitchen creation. That’s correct. To ensure that your stove lasts longer after you cook something great, consider where the surplus grease goes and be sure to incorporate it into your kitchen cleanup.


Why Do You Need Kitchen Filter Cleaning In Melbourne?

Do you know what the range filter does first? If you don’t even grasp what this junk does, it may be difficult to comprehend why you’ll need to take a few more minutes to remove it. Let’s step back a moment. While you clean, the stovetop itself, on which the filter is located, ventilates the kitchen by removing smoke, steam, and potent odours from the air. To prevent buildup, the vent absorbs grease and food particles, which are collected by a filter inside the hood.

The end result is a transparent vent that efficiently draws steam, smoke, and odours through it, protecting the rest of your kitchen appliances from turning yellow owing to moisture from vapour, smoke, and oils that would normally just sit and seep through the room. Your standard of living at home might be significantly impacted by a damaged range hood filter. When obstructed, the range hood filter cannot carry out its fundamental duties, including removing smoke and steam and keeping out dangerous air pollutants.

When this occurs, a variety of things can happen in your kitchen, including the fire alarm going off before there is any smoke present, lingering food odours from small food and grease particles mingling with the indoor air, and pests like fruit flies and cockroaches drawn to these aromas.

When Should You Clean Your Kitchen Filter?

Maintaining a clean and functional range hood filter may not be that difficult if you’ve managed to stay one step ahead of the standard kitchen cleaning schedule. However, if the excess grime and grease have been allowed to accumulate for some time, home cleaning services may be necessary for a deep, comprehensive, and secure clean.

Start by inspecting the small screen filter on the underside of the hood; with regular cleaning, this may be reused, so you won’t need to worry about occasional outright repairs. Maintaining this crucial kitchen cleaning task guarantees the room’s ventilation, as well as that of the remainder of your home.

Professional cleaners advise thorough kitchen filter cleaning in Melbourne at least once a year, though this recommendation may change depending on how much actual cooking you perform. Since most people prefer eating meals prepared at home every day, you will need to clean the filter much more frequently than once a year when you perform a comprehensive clean.

How to Clean the Kitchen Filter?

Setting a reminder on your device or calendar before cleaning your extraction hood filter will help you remember when you last cleaned it and when you need to do so again.

When it comes to cleaning, start by boiling water in a big pot or your sink. The amount of grease that will dissolve depends on how hot the water is. Make sure the water has stopped boiling before adding one to two tablespoons of liquid detergent and a few tablespoons of baking soda.

The extractor filter should then be removed. Depending on the available space, soak the extraction hood entirely or half at a time. Give it a 10-minute soak. This gives the hot water solution ample time to thoroughly dissolve the grease and grime. After removing any leftover debris with a non-abrasive scrub brush, rinse the filter thoroughly and let it air dry entirely. Put it back in the range hood once it has finished drying.

The best strategy for cleaning kitchen filters is to hire a professional. Experts have extensive cleaning experience and the necessary techniques and equipment to produce superior results. Marks Duct Cleaning can provide comprehensive kitchen filter cleaning in Melbourne.