Tips & Tricks Of Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Ducting systems play an important and remarkable job of circulating air across your home. But, with the passage of time, the ducts attract dust and debris, which also promotes mould growth. As a result, the air inside the home become polluted because of the presence of contaminants. You must be wondering about the Tips & Tricks Of Duct Cleaning Melbourne. Here we have brought you some important tips to keep your ducted system clean and fresh. 

Why It Is Compulsory to Clean The Air And Ventilation Ducts?

  • To stop the spread of dirt and debris in the ducts to your kitchen and room.
  • You can stop the spread of germs and allergens which can harm your kids and pets.
  • Dirt and greasy stains in the ducts can affect the efficiency of your HVAC systems, air ducts and kitchen exhaust fans.
  • To keep the supply of fresh air inside your home and kitchen.
  • To maintain the proper flow of air and smoke outside the house through these ducts. 
  • It defends you against any kind of fire accidents inside your ducts.
  • It guarantees a long life for all duct installations.

Important tips to keep your ducted system clean are:

  • Inspect your ducts on regular basis:-

    Regular inspections can prevent situations like excessive air leakage, improper balancing, improper insulation that are the major contributing factor to discomfort in the room. Never ignore unusual smells coming from your duct systems.

  • Check for the dust and mould growth inside the duct systems:-

    Make sure no dust or debris is accumulated inside the ducts. For the reduction of debris and mould growth, MERV 6 or higher filter helps to keep your HVAC systems cleaner for a long time.

  • Remove mould from your ducts:-

    For disinfection and removal of mould inside your ducts, use chlorine bleach and water mixture.

  • Clean the mouth of the ducts:-

        You can clean the mouth of the ducts to ensure the proper flow of air and smoke through ducts. 

  • Bleaching powder as a cleaning agent:-

      You can use bleaching powder as a cleaning agent to clear dirt and greasy stains easily. 

  • Use a face mask for your safety

When you are cleaning ducts you must wear a face mask to save yourself from unusual dirt. 

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

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