How to Eradicate Black Mould From The Ducts?

Air ducts are widely installed throughout the world in many homes and offices. They provide a smooth passage for the exchange of gases from interiors to exteriors. It should be sufficient to say that air ducts are artificial lungs of any structure. Almost every air duct installed anywhere is highly prone to the daily settlement of dirt dust and grime. Apart from that pollutants and contaminants constantly bombard the air ducts. The contaminated air outside can also bring along mould spores which may get settled within the air ducts.

Reasons For Removing Mould From Air Ducts

Any exposure to water or moisture can lead to mould infestations in the air ducts. Black mould or mildew is hazardous to human health and can cause health ailments and allergies. Ignoring duct black mould removal can completely damage and destroy the function of air ducts. Black mould will further spread throughout your homes and can affect your health and well being. Mould has also a more dangerous cause which you should know to prevent them on the duct.

It is highly suggested that you hire professional duct cleaners for duct mould removal on time. For less severe and mild infestations you can follow this DIY that we are providing you. Follow every step and instruction to deliver duct mould removal at home all by yourself.

DIY For Duct Mould Removal

Materials You Need

  • 1 Tablespoon Household Detergent or any liquid soap
  • Baking Soda Powder
  • A vacuum cleaner and an extendable long hose
  • Air Vent brushes
  • A plain clean cloth
  • Cordless Drill


  • Step 1: First remove all the lids and registers of every air vent and ducts within your premises. Wash and clean all the lids and registers and leave them to dry. Use any long brush to clean the air ducts and get rid of the settled dust. 
  • Step 2: Now for black mould, you need to prepare a solution of baking soda, detergent and warm water. Baking soda is antifungal and antimicrobial which is perfect for duct sanitization as well. Take any cloth and rinse it in the baking soda solution. Now rub and scrub the black layer of mildew on the walls or floors of air ducts. Keep rubbing and scrubbing to pluck off the sticky black mould. Repeat the above-mentioned step if the mould persists. After getting rid of the black mould you may sprinkle some baking soda powder inside the air ducts to further eradicate the remaining mould.
  • Step 3: After treating the air ducts you may clean it now. Attach an air vent brush to a cordless drill and use it to clean the air ducts. Run the brush and remove all the dirt, mould chunks and baking soda powder left in the air ducts.
  • Step 4: Air ducts need to be vacuum cleaned to eradicate the remaining amount of dirt, soda and mould. Attach any extendable hose to a regular vacuum cleaner and use it to extract all the dirt and grime from the ducts. Make sure you clean every corner and floorings of air ducts and keep cleaning till the ducts are perfectly clean and mould free.

Professional Assistance

Black mould within the air ducts is very difficult to get rid of as it may reappear within a day. Professional duct cleaning services can offer a permanent solution to duct mould problems. We are an established firm that provides all kinds of professional duct cleaning services in Melbourne. Our professional duct cleaners are trained and experienced in handling and cleaning any dirty air ducts. We use all kinds of tools and the latest equipment to deliver the best duct cleaning results for you.