Signs that your Ducts Might Need Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Signs

Air ducts are an important part of your air conditioning system. They are spread across areas that are mostly away from visible view, concealed inside, and almost forgotten. But not maintaining them gives rise to severe issues in running your system. Clogged air ducts reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. In severe cases wear and tear it can cause the sudden breakdown of components of your HVAC system causing many conveniences. In the end, you have to engage Duct Cleaning Melbourne service experts to revive or replace the parts.

Dirty air ducts also harbor many pathogens and other contaminants that circulate back into your home interiors making breathing problems and other pulmonary complications that can turn serious. So before that happens as homeowners or property owners of commercial spaces you should be able to identify a few obvious signs that indicate your air ducts need a good overhauling by calling commercial duct cleaning Melbourne service providers.

Excessive allergies

Sometimes you seem to develop allergic symptoms that refuse to take leave. This is usually due to dirty ducts and the air circulating in your rooms being saturated with pollutants. So you are breathing in mold, dust, pollen, and spores that are giving you more allergies. So it could be something you breathe and not what you have eaten as most of you would think in case of allergies.  This would require you to call professional cleaners or use an air purifier for temporary relief from these suspended particles.

Dust-filled air grills

Air grills are those visible windows leading to the air duct inside the wall. The Air conditioning unit releases air via the grills that reach all the rooms across your home. Dusty grills indicate that the inside of your ductwork needs cleaning and has gone dirty. The dirty dust blown from inside gets trapped in the grills which are visible to us from the outside. If you see a slightly dusty grill a simple wipe is good enough but if it is a heavy dust presence it’s best to schedule a cleaning appointment with duct cleaning Melbourne services.

Visible mildew and mold

Condensation is a frequent occurrence with HVAC units. This however promotes mold growth near air duct grills. The mold starts spreading in other parts of the house. The air duct keeps re-circulating the spores of mold inside the air in your house. So persistent mold means you need to hire professional cleaners. Mold spores give rise to serious health issues and can be left unattended.

Insect and critter infestation

It is common to find infestation by insects and critters. Many times the source of origin of insect infestation is air ducts which mostly remain hidden inside your walls and are difficult to spot or detect. Since you cannot access the unreachable parts it is advisable to take the help of specialists to clean ducts and remove the health risk caused by insects and critters from dirty air ducts.

Increase in energy bills

Dirty air ducts cause your HVAC unit to work harder than normal. This causes higher energy consumption that reflects in higher energy bills. So any hike in your electricity bill should be like an alarm that your ductworks need some attention and cleaning.

Restricted airflow

Apart from heating and cooling HVAC unit circulate air inside your home and takes out stale air. This function however is affected by dirt accumulated in air ducts which constricts the airflow. So wipe the air grills of your air ducts and then hire experts for a good cleanup.

Rodent infestation

Air ducts are great places for pests like rodents and insects and more so when they are dirty. Remember pests are attracted to dirt and filth. The last thing you want is a rodent infestation in your dirty ducts. These nightly vermin spread rapidly in number, carry diseases and if they die can let out unbearable stench making it very difficult to breathe. Regular duct cleaning helps you avoid all these unnecessary troubles in your paradise.

Persistent pulmonary and breathing issues

Are you having constant issues like cold and persistent cough which doesn’t seem to lessen? It is highly likely the problem is that of dirty air ducts. When HVAC blows in the air it picks up all contaminants settled in the air ducts like mold, dander, spores, mildew, dust, etc. Since air keeps getting circulated you cannot get rid of your symptoms till you call in a cleaning technician who will do a good cleanup of your air ducts.

Unpleasant odors

If you sniff a lingering mustiness it is due to dirty ducts that have collected dust, dirt, grime, spores, and other pathogens that let out these smells over time that gets back inside indoor air. To remove the smell and get back freshness duct cleaning is the only option.

Constant settling of dust around your home

If you observe that in spite of your regular wiping and dusting your home and its furniture seems to be as dusty as ever? Then it’s time your ductwork saw some cleaning sessions. The HVAC system is simply blowing in the thick layer of dust from its ductwork. To get respite from dusty surfaces call in specialist cleaners.

By now you would have got a fair idea of the dangers of not having your air ducts cleaned. It is a specialized cleaning and not everyone’s cup of tea. Prioritizing air duct cleaning brings down your bills, promotes fresh and clean indoor air, and keeps you fitter and happier.