4 Practical Tips to Clean Ducts Yourself

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The air ducts in your property go through a lot every day. Dust, dander, pet hair, and other pollutants may get stuck in the ducts and contaminate the air you breathe. Ultimately, it may cause breathing issues, allergies and related health hazards. Therefore, you should hire experts for duct cleaning Melbourne. Yet, if you wish to do it yourself, here are some steps and tips to start with. Without much ado, let’s dive deeper.

  1. Turn Off the HVAC System Before Cleaning

You can shut off the circuit breaker or turn it off at the thermostat before cleaning the ducts and vents. Along with it, you should check vents, return air registers, blower fan, motor and furnace controls.

  1. Keep Yourself Safe

A dust mask may protect you from unwanted pollutants from the vents. Plus, using cotton gloves may keep your hands dust-free. If you don’t use a safety mask, you may feel eye, nose and throat irritations. Therefore, it’s mandatory to use these gears and, if possible, keep your kids and pets away while cleaning.

  1. Clean Each Part Thoroughly

Ensure the system parts and coils are cleaned as well when you get your air ducts cleaned. Repair any rips or leaks around the air ducts. Then, verify the condenser drain and pan’s functionality. When you hire experts for duct cleaning services, the experts check and repair faulty parts.

  1. Don’t Use Built-In Humidifier

We advise against using a built-in humidifier because of potential mould issues. Plan on getting your ducts and system cleaned every two years if you utilise a built-in dehumidifier.

How Often to Clean Dust?

Clean the air ducts approximately a month before you want to activate any seasonal Ventilation system that only works at particular periods of the year. Alternatively, you can clean the air ducts as necessary. Air duct cleaning is mandatory if you notice a musty odour in the house when the HVAC system is on or if you smell mouse droppings.

After an unexpected occurrence, such as putting in a new HVAC system, needing significant repairs, or doing a dust-generating home renovation job, clean your air ducts as well. Using the compressor at a higher volume may help move dust and particles.

Why Hire Experts Indeed of Cleaning Ducts Yourself?

Even when you follow all the necessary tips and steps, you may not reach the corners of the duct system. You may reach up to 10 feet of each duct, but that won’t be a thorough cleaning. Plus, you may send debris and dust particles inside the vents.

On the other hand, experts use state-of-art tools, machines and techniques to clean the entire ductwork. They clean the HVAC unit and remove dust or pollutants. The local duct cleaning services dislodge clogged material and debris and make it safe again.

The experts apply negative air pressure to the ducts, move the pollutants backwards to the HVAC system and clean them thoroughly. They may cut the ductwork near the air handler and seal it once they disinfect the system. That way, you get clean ducts and vents without hassle.

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