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Five Easy Cleaning Tips for Extending the Life of Air Ducts And AC Ducts In A House

Did you know that insect infestation on the air ducts of your HVAC unit can reduce its shelf life dramatically? Moreover, excessive accumulation of debris, dirt, and grime can also decrease its functionality. Furthermore, visible growth of mould and mildew within the ducts is also possible. It is true that cleaning the air ducts periodically is a great idea. However, one must also know cleaning tips in order to extend its lifeline. You don’t want the duct to stop working in the middle of the fiery summer season, do you?

Cleaning Tips To Enhance The Service Life Of The Air Ducts

There are some cleaning tips that you can apply to ensure that the air ducts last longer. Check out the ways compiled here so that you can adopt them right away!

1.    Replace the dirty air filters

Filthy air filters block the airflow, thereby causing a disruption in the smooth functioning of the air ducts. Moreover, the air that passes the filter has the ability to carry the dust and dirt, transferring it into the evaporator coil. Now, this decreases the capacity of the evaporator to soak in the heat, thereby putting more stress on the AC to cool the room.

However, replacing the air filters periodically (once after a few months) not only makes the air quality better but also saves energy. Don’t believe it? Well, research suggests that clean air filters can decrease energy use by at least 5-15%.

2.    Clean the fins and coils

Both the condenser and evaporator coils are present on the outside unit of the air conditioner. Over the passage of time, the accumulation of dust, debris, and grime are natural. But, if the dirt keeps on piling, then it will obstruct the airflow. Moreover, it will also interfere with the function of the coils to absorb heat. Ultimately, it will compel the air conditioner to work more, thereby using more energy.

Cleaning the coils can be a little hard. That is why you must make sure that you are up for the job before proceeding. You can always call in the professionals if you are not confident.

3.    Keep an eye on the condensate drain

Though present on the inside unit of the AC, the condensate drain can suffer from blockage. The clogged condensate drain can prevent the air ducts from decreasing the humidity level in the room. With excess moisture, you can expect a musty smell in the room. Moreover, water damage is also not completely impossible.

To observe what is blocking the condensate drain, you can check out the condensate pan. If you can spot water accumulating there, then it is highly likely that a clot has formed. In order to efficiently clean the condensate drain, you must follow the instruction manual.

4.    Ensure the condenser is clean

One of the most vital components of the air conditioner is the condenser unit. However, it is also the one that is the most vulnerable to external conditions. These easily accumulate dust and dirt, thereby getting filthy due to the suction of the central fan. It can ultimately block the airflow and affect the efficiency of the air conditioner negatively. 

However, cleaning the condenser unit can also aid in keeping the AC coils clean. Make sure that you clean the condenser two times a year. Moreover, you can also cut or trim plants around the condenser.

5.    Keep the return air vents dust-free

Checking on the return air vents and seeing if they are free from dust and debris is an excellent idea. It is because the accumulation of grime and dust can lead to blockage of the airflow. Now, there are various ways you can clean the return air vents.

For instance, you can use the vacuum cleaner and check out the inside region of the air vents. It will aid in keeping the air ducts clean. But, if you can’t handle the cleaning, you need to call in the HVAC cleaning experts.

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It is vital that you make sure that the air ducts of your house are clean and free from debris and dust. Now, there are some cleaning tips that you can use to clean it yourself. But, if you want top-quality results, calling in the experts is a better idea.

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