What Are The Ways In Which Animal Intrusion Can Harm Your Ductwork?

In What Way Can Animal Intrusion Be Damaging For The Health Of Your Duct Work?

Duct Cleaning Service

A lot of people have this question “Does intrusion of pests and animals cause harm to my HVAC ductwork?”. The simple answer to this question is Yes. Pests and animals are dangerous for the proper functioning of the HVAC duct system. It is one of the prime reasons for the development of leakage in your air duct.

This leads to a reduction in the comfort and energy efficiency of the HVAC system. To get rid of this problem, it is very important to take the help of a competent duct cleaning. Along with calling a duct cleaning specialist, it is required to be aware of the type of harm that is caused by pest intrusion in your HVAC ductwork.  

Duct Cleaning Service
Duct Cleaning Service

How Rats, Raccoons and Squirrels Can Be Dangerous?

Some of the most commonly found pests and animals in the HVAC duct are rats, possums, squirrels, and raccoons. You will find this problem in most of the households that are infected by these pests. The major reason behind the presence of these pests in your HVAC duct is because they are in need of shelter and your air conditioning system is the perfect place for these small animals to hide. This is especially seen in winter or colder months of the year.

These smaller animals find air ducts in your AC to be the ideal pathways to easily roam around and breed. After a few days of infestation, you will find that these animals will start to create big holes in the walls of the duct. The air that leaves from these infected ducts will create a massive negative impact on the overall heating and air conditioning of the place.

One of the common signs to confirm the presence of animals in your duct is any unpleasant odours coming out from the vent. This can be related to animals. It is better not to do guesswork, and take the help of Residential Duct Cleaning professionals straight away.

Animals Which May Cause Problems

Another animal that can intrude your HVAC duct is cats. This is a possibility for those households who have cats. Since cats are curious by nature, this is their curiosity about the closed duct spaces that takes them to this place. A cat will crawl into the duct finding its way to squeeze herself behind the duct walls. This is not a rare occurrence, people who have cats in their house can very much relate to it. This can be dangerous for both the cat and the duct. Your cat may even get trapped inside the air duct searching for a way to come outside.

Expert Duct Cleaning
Expert Duct Cleaning

Why Do You need to Trust On Our Specialists?

Movement of the animal can cause holes in the cooling coil and grilles of the duct. This leakage can cause a significant reduction in the operational efficiency and cooling of the device. To prevent this from happening, it is very essential to call a Duct Cleaning in Melbourne at the earliest. These professionals use specialized duct cameras to trace the location of the animal and find the means to open the air duct passage. This way your cat can come out of the duct passage safely. So, once the cat is rescued, they will formulate the best strategies for duct repair to avoid any damage caused to the ventilation system of your HVAC unit during the duct cleaning process by Mark’s Duct Cleaning.

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